The Kinks – You Really Got Me: The Story Of The Kinks (ABC Entertainment)

The DVD should’ve been interesting, especially for a band like The Kinks, whose story hasn’t been milked as dry as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who…etc. Somewhere things went terribly wrong. Most of the ninety-minute run-time is pissed away with grainy live footage, mostly from two shows – one from the band’s early days and one from the turn of the ‘80s. Things only get worse when the announcer tells the band’s story in perhaps the most grating voice in the history of professional broadcasting. Worse, the voice-over content is chronologically mismatched with the footage on screen. For example, when discussing the Kinks mid-‘60s ban on touring in America, footage of the band from the ‘80s is shown on-screen and the song “Celluloid Heroes” – from 1972 – is heard. Chronological accuracy hasn’t been so blatantly disregarded since Timecop. It’s almost impossible to learn anything from this awful rip-off.