Vile Vinyl Volume 1 (Past and Present Records)

Vile Vinyl Volume 1

This compilation features typical examples of mid-’60s American garage rock, but with the idea that all its sixteen songs will be new to listeners. They’re definitely obscure (the only familiar name is The Nightcrawlers of “Little Black Egg” semi-fame), but obscurity is a double-edged sword. It’s great to hear fresh material, but with the vast number of garage rock compilations out there, any tracks that haven’t been comped already can’t be all that exciting, right? In the case of Vile Vinyl, the answer is a resounding yes. Almost all of Vile Vinyl is rudimentary, even by the standards of garage rock. The only ones to rise above the two-chord din are The Jolly Green Giants, who simultaneously rip-off The Sonics and early Kinks with “Caught You Redhanded” and The Paniks who sport a tight arrangement and fast punky playing on “You’re My Baby”. Also of interest is the original version of “How’s The Air Up There?” by The Changin’ Times, which doesn’t quite thump as hard as the La De Da’s cover, but is interesting nonetheless.


1. Let’s Move – The Night Crawlers

2. We Got Some – The Lincolns

3. Pop Kat – The Lincolns

4. Caught You Redhanded – The Jolly Green Giants

5. Better Come Get Her – The Triumphs

6. You’re My Baby – The Paniks

7. Lay It On The Line – The Shy Guys

8. Thoughts Of A Madman – The Nomads

9. How Can I Make Her Mine – Bobby Roberts & The Ravons

10. How Is The Air Up There – The Changin’ Times

11. Melvin – The Belles

12. No The One For Me – Thee Wylde Main-iacs

13. I Need You – The W.C. Dorns

14. Here I Stand – The Cult

15. Let Yourself Go – The Carpetbaggers