Love, Peace and Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music (Shadok’s Music)

The tenth volume of Love, Peace and Poetry collects seventeen ultra-rare tracks from Chili’s psychedelic underground, spanning  1967-1974. That this music exists at all is no small feat considering the political upheaval in Chili at the time (detailed in the liner notes), with dictator Augusto Pinochet banning almost all rock music in 1973. As with the other volumes in this series, a variety of then-popular styles are showcased (acid rock, folk rock, progressive rock, traditional Latin music, etc…) and the results are varied. Some tracks are excellent, like “Foto De Primera Comunion” by Los Jaivas (The Little Crabs) which marries a traditional Latin rhythm to scorching acid-rock guitars, or the Byrds-y “La Realidad” by Sacros, a band that often incorporated religious themes into their music, and even played at Catholic mass. However, for each song that slays there’s a less interesting counterpart, like Kissing Spell’s corny “Yellow Moon” or Aquaturbia’s “Erotica” which is just a woman moaning in ecstasy over a generic acid-rock instrumental. Sixties fanatics with an interest in foreign psychedelia will dig this disc, but it’s probably not for the casual fan.


1. Yellow Moon – Kissing Spell

2. Foto De Primera Comunion – Los Jaivas

3. La Primavera De Miss L.O.B. – Los Vidrios Quebrados

4. Erotica – Aguaturbia

5. Los Momentos – Blops

6. La Realidad – Sacros

7. La Muerte De Mi Hermano – Los Mac’s

8. Pisandose La Cola – Blops

9. Canto Sin Nombre – Embrujo

10. Pobre Gato – Los Beat 4

11. I Wonder Who – Aguaturbia

12. Tu, Yo Y Nuestro Amor – Tumulto

13. Piromano – Blops

14. Magnetism – Escombros

15. Civilizacion – Los Beat 4

16. Cuantos Que No Tienen Y Merecen – Congregacion

17. Asi Seras – El Congresso