Velveteen Rabbit – “Mind-Numbing Entertainment”/”I Wanna Be Your Woman” (Hozac Records)

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Listening to this single, you’d swear Velveteen Rabbit were some forgotten British Junkshop Glam band, yet they’re a newly minted outfit from New York City, previously known as The Jeanies. Pretty much every circa-’73 glam touchstone is accounted for: fey vocals, boot-stomping beats, guitar moves copped from Bolan, Thunders and Ronson….and that’s just the A-side! Flip your 45 over and “I Wanna Be Your Woman” gives you more of the same, this time with a little gender-fluid sexuality thrown in to boot (Velveteen Rabbit are men). As with the best of the original glam scene, beneath the lipstick and glitter lies a rock and roll heart and keen pop sensibility. A two-song single feels like the right format for Velveteen Rabbit’s kind of cheap thrills (a term which, in Junkshop Glam parlance, is actually a compliment), but I’d also be curious to see if they can sustain the fun over the course of an album. Mostly, I just want to hear more music from them.