The Weirdos – Destroy All Music (Bomp Records)

LA punk pioneers The Weirdos celebrate 30 years with Destroy All Music, a collection of thirteen songs from the band’s 1977-1979 beginnings. The best songs are the first seven (four from a lo-fi demo, and three from the original Destroy All Music EP), which capture them at their white-hot 1977 peak. “Life Of Crime” and “Destroy All Music” are perfectly wild anthems that signaled a turning point from punk rock to the next generation of faster, more aggressive bands like The Germs and Black Flag. The EP failed to bring the band a larger audience, so singer John Denney and guitarist Dix brought in a new producer and hired a new rhythm section to try for success again. However, the six songs from a 1979 session included here are an unnecessary step towards straight ahead rock and glossy new wave. OK, they’re not terrible, but they can’t compete with the raw excitement of the 1977 tracks either. Great photos and informative liner notes complete the package, making Destroy All Music a no-brainer purchase for ’70s punk fans.