Iggy Pop and James Williamson – Kill City (Bomp Records)

Kill City has always been an oddity in the Iggy Pop discography. Originally recorded in 1975, but unreleased until 1977 due to lack of label interest, the album didn’t have the wildness of The Stooges nor the European art-rock sensibilities of the two Iggy Pop albums that followed, The Idiot and Lust For Life. Musically, Pop’s band on Kill City can’t quite match the blowtorch intensity of the Stooges (despite being led by Raw Power guitarist James Williamson), but they give the songs a healthy dose of Stonesy sleaze and hard rock muscle. Iggy, always the star of the show, doesn’t disappoint. That he recorded his vocals on weekend leave from a mental hospital is of no small importance, as he serves up cautionary tales that only a person who experienced the dark side of decadence first-hand can conjure up. The title track has been part of Iggy’s live sets for decades, but “Beyond The Law,” “Lucky Monkeys,” and “I Got Nuthin” are all underground classics. If you bought a previous version of Kill City, chuck it. The new remaster is a revelation, replacing all the mud and murk from other editions with a new clarity that’s worth the price of admission.


  • “Kill City” – 2:20
  • “Sell Your Love” – 3:36
  • “Beyond The Law” – 3:00
  • “I Got Nothin'” – 3:23
  • “Johanna” – 3:03
  • “Night Theme” – 1:20
  • “Night Theme (Reprise)” – 1:04
  • “Consolation Prizes” – 3:17
  • “No Sense Of Crime” – 3:42
  • “Lucky Monkeys” – 3:37
  • “Master Charge” – 4:33