The Night Times – “Watch Your Step”/”I Got My Mind On You” (State Records)

While most modern day garage rock revivalists tend to cherry pick from the best aspects of the genre (i.e. ones that haven’t dated), this Los Angeles band simply sound like your average work-a-day group that played teen dances and maybe kicked up a little local radio action in the mid-’60s. The musicianship, the writing, even the screams that kick-off the guitar solos on this two-song single, sound like the work of a band just getting their feet wet. Even if nobody could possibly confuse The Night Times for the Stones, or even The Chocolate Watchband, that’s perfectly OK, because there’s a lot of charm and verve to be found in their amateurism. Think of them like a modern day version of Los Saicos, or one of the many faceless bands on Sundazed’s Garage Beat ’66 comp series. If nothing else, this single may be the closest a modern band has come to sounding like a mid-’60s original.