Mighty Baby – Jug Of Love (Sunbeam Records)

The Action were one of the better British groups to form in the wake of The Beatles, releasing a series of Motown-influenced singles produced by Sir George Martin. For some reason they never achieved the success they deserved, and in 1968 broke up only to reform soon after, minus lead singer Reg King, as Mighty Baby. Flash forward three years to Jug Of Love, their second album as Mighty Baby, and you can see the changing times evidenced by the five hippies with love-beads and grizzly beards on the cover. Their music changed too, morphing into mellow folk-rock, with extended instrumental interludes a la The Grateful Dead. This new musical direction was pretty boring…also like the Grateful Dead. This is the first time Jug Of Love has been available on CD, and to celebrate Sunbeam Records has tacked four bonus tracks on to the original six-track release. Unfortunately, more is less. They would break up soon after Jug Of Love was released.


1. A Jug Of Love

2. The Happiest Man In The Carnival

3. Keep On Jugging

4. Virgin Spring

5. Tasting The Life

6. Slipstreams