Otis Waygood – Ten Light Claps and a Scream (Retro Fresh Records)

Otis Waygood is a group, and none of its members are named Otis or Waygood. Originally released in 1971, Ten Light Claps and a Scream was their third album of heavy blues with a side order of psychedelic rock and a slight taste of reggae lurking beneath the surface. Wonderfully-named lead singer Rob Zipper’s voice sometimes goes too far over the top (Robert Plant sounds restrained by comparison) but he frequently steps away from the microphone to let the band jam, which they do quite well, letting guitar, organ and saxophone unleash an ebb and flow of solos over the heavy bass and drum grooves. “The Higher I Go” is hippie nonsense, but “I Left My Skull In San Francisco” and the Zeppelin-meet-Booker T.-in-Jamaica stunner “Straight Ahead” make this album worth seeking out.


1 A Madman’s Cry

2 Straight Ahead

3 I Left My Skull In San Francisco

4 Easy Way

5 The Higher I Go

6 S.h.a.k.

7 Devil Bones

8 You Can Do (Part 1)

9 You Can Do (Part 2)