The MC5 – Kick Out The Jams DVD (Music Video Distributors)

Music Video Distributors, with a little help from the recently resurrected Creem magazine, continue their string of solid archival DVDs with this MC5 release. True to the original artistic spirit of The MC5 this is no simple regurgitation of old footage. Instead, the film’s creators, Leni Sinclair and Cary Loren (who also co-founded Destroy All Monsters), reconstruct rare video footage of the band into a new visual experience. There’s live clips of the band pulsating with a fervor and energy that seems almost superhuman, plus random shots of hippies and classic psychedelic visual effects, mixed together to create a fascinating time capsule of the late-1960s. Of course, it’s accompanied by live audio of the band’s revolutionary mix of Chuck Berry, The Who, The Troggs, Sun Ra, and Jimi Hendrix. Though no concert dates or locations are given, the songs are mostly from Kick Out The Jams so one would assume the audio is from that period too. If you’ve never heard The MC5, start your education with their albums, as this is for seasoned fans only. The sound quality is decent at best, and the visuals are occasionally unprofessional (some clips repeat several times). But for those already familiar with the MC5, this is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the band and the heady times that spawned them.