The Druids Of Stonehenge – Creation (Sundazed Records)

The Druids Of Stonehenge’s sole album, 1968’s Creation, is considered a minor classic among collectors of psychedelic-era obscurities. Listening to it now, I’m somewhat surprised that it came out in 1968, since it sounds so much closer to the kind of punky garage rock that was big in America from 1965-1966. Even their choices of covers (“I Put A Spell On You,” “Signed D.C.,” and “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”) were all popular songs for garage bands. They may have been confused about the year, but they weren’t confused about how to rock like The Rolling Stones circa-Aftermath with a few mercurial touches of Love and Dylan. “Earthless” is probably the best song in the Druids’ arsenal, with an especially cool Jagger-esque slurred vocal from David Budge; but their menacing cover of “I Put A Spell On You” is a close second, and it makes versions by Them and The Animals sound tame in comparison. The band’s shortcoming is in the production, which had to be done on the cheap when (according to a message board posting from Druid Carl J. Hauser made at ) an unscrupulous manager used most of the band’s recording budget to fund his own production deal. Hauser also contends that Creation wasn’t really indicative of how tough the band could sound. It sounds pretty tough to me, so one can only wonder just what they would have sounded like under better circumstances.


01. Six Feet Down

02. Earthless

03. I Put A Spell On You

04. Speed

05. Bring It On Home

06. Painted Woman

07. Pale Dream

08 Signed D.C.

09. Forgot To Be Begot

10 A Garden Where Nothing Grows

11. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue