Bango – Bango (Shadok’s Music)

Psychedelic music flourished in late-1960s Brazil. The most popular band there was Os Mutantes, but a host of others were also putting a local spin on the far-out sounds of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, and Jimi Hendrix. One of those acts was Bango, who released this impressive self-titled album of psychedelic hard rock in 1970 (making its’ debut here on CD). Many of the songs remind me of Led Zeppelin, if their debut had been released in 1967, and they were Brazilian. It features heavy fuzzed-out guitars, wild organ and wailing vocals, sometimes in English and sometimes Portuguese. There’s a few lighter songs mixed in that are similar to the psychedelic tropicalia of Os Mutantes. It’s one of the better re-issues of its sort, and hard-psych fans should snatch it up. My only complaint is that the booklet doesn’t tell you much about the band.


1. Hell In The World 2:07

2. But I Felt 3:02

3. Rolling Like A Boat 2:57

4. Motor Maravilah 2:53

5. Marta, Zeca, The Priest, The Mayor, The Doctor And Me 1:48

6. Rock Dream 2:40

7. Geninha 3:26

8. Only 3:08

9. Walking 2:43

10. Ode To Billy 4:20