KRGA – “Mysterious Lady”/”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (Hoser Records)

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I have a lot of questions about this single; most importantly, who are KRGA? An internet search revealed shockingly little, except that they’re a Chicago four-piece, named after singer Ryan Krga. The vinyl itself comes in a generic brown paper lunch-bag sleeve, with just the KRGA logo on it so there’s no information or clues there. Heck, I’m not even sure why I was sent this to review since it came out on Hoser Records, yet it was part of a promo package from Hozac Records. Pretty much all I can tell you about KRGA is that they’re the band behind this six-minute single which deftly blends power-pop and junkshop glam like it’s 1973 all over again. The A-side, “Mysterious Lady,” is simple, unfussy stuff with vocals that vacillate between plaintive Chris Bell and wispy stoned out third-tier glam like Milk’n’Cookies or Brett Smiley. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is more of the same, this time packed up in world-weary ballad form, replete with piano and dueling slide guitars adding even more legitimacy to the whole “this sounds like it came straight from the ’70s” vibe. Quite beautiful stuff really. It would be cool if more modern bands followed the same breadcrumb trail as these folks.