The Dirty Contacts – “The World’s End”/”When You Stop Loving Me” (State Records)

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The B-side of this single is a cover of “When You Stop Loving Me,” which The Dirty Contacts play pretty closely to both Thee Headcoats’ original and Thee Headcoatees sort-of-cover. It’s garage rock, it’s punk, and it has all the guitar fuzz you want it to have. In fact, the band’s guitar player is known only as “Frosty The Fuzzman.” It’s a good cover, but let’s talk about the A-Side, “The World’s End.” This song smokes! Think obscuro Nuggets tracks like “Voices Green and Purple,” “Knock, Knock,” or “I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time,” but sounding even more wild and unhinged thanks to insane vocals from “Mr. Rees.” If The Dirty Contacts can put together a full album of tunes this good, count me in.