The Mindbenders: A Groovy Kind Of Love: Complete LPs and Singles (RPM Records)


Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders were one of the top selling British Invasion groups until 1965 when singer Wayne Fontana left the band in the most abrupt way possible – quitting mid-concert. In that concert, and thereafter, guitarist Eric Stewart took over on vocals, and the band continued as a trio. They still produced some solid pop songs, and even scored a few more hits – most notably the oldies radio staple “A Groovy Kind Of Love” – but by the end of 1966 the UK music scene was rapidly moving towards psychedelia, and The Mindbenders were left in the dust. As this two-disc compilation illustrates, the band stubbornly held onto their conservative British Invasion sound for way too long, even returning to covers of popular material (“Shotgun”, “Cool Jerk” and “The Letter”) which put them completely at odds with the cutting edge music of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix…etc. It wasn’t until 1968 that the winds of change finally made their way into The Mindbenders’ camp, and they experimented with flower power and psychedelic sounds; but with mixed results. “Yellow Brick Road” was a strong Move-like number, but “Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man” and “Blessed Are The Lonely” were mindless treacle. Realizing that another pop hit wasn’t in the cards, they disbanded in 1968.


Disc One

A Groovy Kind Of Love / Love Is Good / Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You / One Fine Day / The Way You Do The Things You Do(Lp The Mindbenders) Just A Little Bit / Seventh Son / Tricky Dicky / A Groovy Kind Of Love / Little Nightingale / Don’t Cry No More / You Don’t Know About Love / Love Is Good / Rockin’ Jaybee / All Night Worker / Ashes To Ashes / I Want Her, She Wants Me / The Morning After

Disc Two

We’ll Talk About It Tomorrow / Far Across Town / To Be Or Not To Be (Lp With Woman In Mind) / Honey And Wine / Schoolgirl / A Little Piece Of Leather / Shotgun / Mystery Train / Homework / Airport People / Cool Jerk / Off And Running / It’s Getting Harder All The Time / The Letter / My New Day And Age / Coming Back / Blessed Are The Lonely / Yellow Brick Road / Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man / The Man Who Loved Trees