Los Saicos – Demolicion!: The Complete Recordings (Munster Records)

¡Demolición! The Complete Recordings

The album cover shows four young Peruvian men politely dressed in matching outfits, giving almost no indication of the savage sound that Los Saicos unleashed from 1965 to 1966. Although they only recorded 12 songs (all included on this set which is available as either one CD or a box-set of six 7″ singles), the band were like a Latin American Sonics, hammering you over the head with crude songs that were a precursor to punk rock. To be honest, they were just a mildly talented band playing a surf-inspired take on the British Invasion. The reason they’re still fondly remembered four and a half decades later is lead singer Erwin Flores, who doesn’t so much sing as he belches and howls. What Sonics singer Gerald Roslie is to blood-curdling screams, Flores is to demented snarling. If your taste in sixties garage rock skews towards unruly songs and ahead-of-its-time aggression, Demolicion! should be your next purchase.