Echo and the Bunnymen – Dancing Horses (MVD Visual)

Here we have the Bunnymen in all their gloom and glory live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire circa-2005. They were touring the Siberia album, but the setlist leans heavily on their brilliant run of albums from 1980-1987. The DVD is well-shot, but the performances are what you would expect from a band two decades past their prime, with just two members from that era present. Ian McCullough still exudes the same detached cool that made him one of the best frontman of the 1980s, but thanks to the ravages of time and nicotine he can’t hit the same notes he once nailed so effortlessly. The group sounds good, but you can’t help but notice they now use six people to make the same noise the original four members made. Diehard fans will jump at the chance to hear them run through “The Cutter,” “Killing Moon,” and “Villiers Terrace” one more time, but most will wonder if there’s any good live footage from the 1980s that could have been released instead.