Suck – Time To Suck (Retro Fresh Records)

Suck were one of the early practitioners of heavy metal, releasing their one album, Time To Suck, in 1970 to little fanfare. Perhaps it was hard for a band from Johannesburg to get exposure outside their hometown, or, more likely, the group suffered from a lack of material, with only one original out of nine songs. Even if they were mostly concerned with interpreting songs from contemporaries like Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, and Donovan (an epic ten-minute “Season of  the Witch”), they did it well, handling complex prog structures on King Crimson and Colosseum covers, and also tackling the harder stuff, like Deep Purple’s “Into The Fire,” and the non-album bonus cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” with gusto, thanks in no small part to lead singer Andy Ionnides’ powerful voice. An interesting side-trip into the early days of heavy metal.


  • Aimless Lady [3.12] originally by Grand Funk Railroad
  • 21st Century Schizoid Man [4.51] originally by King Crimson
  • Season Of The Witch [10.07] originally by Donovan
  • Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother [3.35] originally by Grand Funk Railroad
  • I’ll Be Creeping [3.19] originally by Free
  • The Whip [2.54] written by Suck
  • Into The Fire [3.18] originally by Deep Purple
  • Elegy [2.58] originally by Colosseum
  • War Pigs [7.14] originally by Black Sabbath