Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – White Lunar (Mute Records)

Given their prolific output Nick Cave and Warren Ellis shouldn’t have time for extra-curricular activities. However, over the past four years they’ve managed to fit soundtrack work into their busy schedules, providing scores for The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Proposition (which Cave also scripted), The Road, The English Surgeon, and The Girls of Phnom Penh. This double-disc collects those works, but be warned: These pieces were created to accompany images and are, with few exceptions, completely instrumental. In the absence of vocals and rock band instrumentation many of the pieces are dominated by orchestral instruments, with Ellis’ violin frequently taking center-stage. The moods alternate between somber, expansive, mournful, meditative and occasionally flat-out creepy (ex: “The Rider No. 2” – one of the tracks with vocals). Although these recordings are best heard in the context of the films they were created for, they work just fine on their own.
CD 1
1. Song For Jesse
2. Moving On
3. What Must Be Done
4. Song For Bob
5. Happy Land
6. The Proposition 1
7. The Road To Banyon
8. The Rider 2
9. Martha’s Dream
10. Gun Thing
11. The Rider Song
12. The Road
13. The Mother
14. The Father
15. The Beach
16. The Journey
17. The Boy
CD 2
1. Srey Leak
2. Me Nea
3. Rom
4. Halo
5. Zanstra
6. Black Silk (Suture)
7. Brain Retractor
8. Dandy Brain Cannula
9. Rat’s Tooth Forceps
10. Kerrison’s Punch
11. Micro Sucker
12. Window
13. Daedalus
14. Magma
15. Cheata
16. Sorya Market
Tracks 1-4: from The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
Tracks 5-11: from The Proposition.
Tracks 12-17: from The Road.
Tracks 1-3, 12, 15, 16: from  The Girls of Phnom Penh.
Tracks 6-11: from The English Surgeon.
Tracks 4-5 & 13-14: from The Vaults.