Johnny Thunders – In Concert: Who’s Been Talkin’? (MVD Visual)

This DVD comes from a 1991 Thunders concert in Osaka, the last show recorded before his mysterious death in New Orleans that year. The picture quality isn’t great, but the audio is solid, as Thunders and his group slash through twenty-two songs in 100 minutes. Thunders’ voice and guitar are spot on (somewhat surprising, given his reputation), but the show is more like a glossy soul revue than the white-hot sweaty rock show you would want from him. There’s way too many rock standards on the set-list, and not enough of the prime Heartbreakers/NY Dolls material that cemented Thunders’ reputation as a guitar hero among early punks. Couple that with unnecessary solo turns from a female back-up singer, and overzealous sax playing on almost every song, and you’re left with a merely decent DVD you’d trade in a heartbeat for the recent NY Dolls DVD (also released on MVD).