Good God! Soul Messages From Dimona (Numero Group)

Soul and funk music from a group of Black Hebrews who left inner-city America in the 1960s to settle in Dimona, Israel? Numero Group has wowed me yet again with this sixteen-track compilation from the outermost fringes of world culture. The songs on Soul Messages From Dimona span 1975-1981 and show that no matter how far people traveled, American soul and funk were hugely influential, albeit with an added Black Hebrew message here. The Soul Messengers dominate the album with nine tracks that span Mayfield-esque falsetto funk on “Go To Proclaim” (sung in Hebrew!), electric-era Miles Davis on “Prince Of Zeal,” and Sly/Funkadelic funk of “Junky Baby.” Elsewhere, Spirit of Israel add disco to the mix on the pro-Israel “A Place To Be,” while The Tonistics do a spot-on Jackson 5 impersonation on “Holdin On,” and Son Of The Kingdom provide Bill Withers-esque mellow soul on “Hey There.” The story of the cultural circumstances behind this are interesting, but the music is what matters most, and Good God! is yet another enjoyable dip into the seemingly endless well of underground funk and soul from Numero.


Soul Messengers & The Spirit of Israel – Burn Devil Burn (03:55)

Soul Messengers – Our Lord And Savior (03:57)

Tonistics – Holding On (03:41)

The Spirit Of Israel & Soul Messengers – Daniel (03:13)

Sons Of The Kingdom – Hey There (05:00)

Soul Messengers – Go To Proclaim (03:05)

Soul Messengers – Equilibrium (06:38)

Soul Messengers – Prince Of Zeal (03:39)

Sons Of The Kingdom – Modernization (05:21)

Soul Messengers – Heaven Of Heavens (04:51)

Soul Messengers – Victory (05:25)

Tonistics – Dimona (Spiritual Capital of the World) (03:41)

Soul Messengers – Junky Baby (02:45)

The Spirit Of Israel & Soul Messengers – A Place To Be (03:38)

Soul Messengers – Messiah (06:25)

Soul Messengers – Savior In The East (03:29)