The Flaming Stars – Named and Shamed (Vinyl Japan Records)

On their seventh album, this U.K. quintet delivers a thirteen-song set of garage rock with a refreshingly low level of pretense. To me, Named and Shamed sounds like the musical equivalent of a night out at your favorite dive bar, with a low-key familiar charm that keeps you coming back for more. The band shuffles back and forth between liquor-soaked, Tom Waits-inspired, jazz grooves (“The Marabou Shuffle,” “The Parade’s Gone By”) and up-tempo proto-punkers (“Where The Beautiful People Go,” and “Stranger on the Fifth Floor”) with skill and ease, but the true star of the Flaming Stars show is vocalist Max Decharne’s strong sense of storytelling, seemingly inspired by Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. With an album this good it’s surprising that these guys haven’t been able to make a bigger splash, despite having been together over a decade.


  • “She’s Gone – 2:40
  • “Where the Beautiful People Go – 2:03
  • “The Marabou Shuffle – 3:27
  • “Spilled Your Pint – 3:24
  • “Another Dial – 2:54
  • “The Parade’s Gone By – 3:37
  • “Stranger on the Fifth Floor – 4:34
  • “If You Give ‘Em a Chance – 2:04
  • “Bess of the Boneyard – 2:45
  • “The 39 Stops – 2:30
  • “Nine Out of Ten – 2:11
  • “Named & Shamed – 3:12
  • “Locked in Tight – 2:38