Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound Of Burkina Faso 1974-1979 (Analog Africa Records)

Bambara Mystic Soul compiles sixteen obscure songs from Burkina Faso, a country in the western part of Africa. For a landlocked country, Burkina Faso’s music has a surprisingly strong international flavor. In addition to the traditional African sounds you’d expect, there’s American funk and acid rock, Middle Eastern melodies, Latin rhythms and even a hint of reggae. Ask a random person to guess where a song like “Johnny” by Amadou Ballake Et L’Orchestre Super Volta comes from and the answer will just as likely be a Middle Eastern country as an African one. The exotic mix of styles is the main selling point here, and it distinguishes Bambara Mystic Soul in a crowded reissue market of African recordings from the 1970s. For my money the best track is “Dambakale” by a smoky-voiced singer named Campaore Issouf, which is propelled by a tight funk track with wah-wah guitar soloing and gloopy bass notes. It’s also the most well-recorded track on an otherwise lo-fi set.


Tracklisting :

1. Amadou Ballaké et l’Orchestre Super Volta – “Bar Konou Mousso” 5:27
2. Abdoulaye Cissé – “Kodjougou” 5:14
3. Compaoré Issouf – “Dambakale” 4:37
4. Amadou Ballaké et Les 5 Consuls – “Renouveau” 4:46
5. Afro Soul System – “Tink Tank” 4:10
6. Mamo Lagbema – “Love, Music and Dance” 4:07
7. Amadou Ballaké et Les 5 Consuls – “Baden Djougou” 4:2
8. Amadou Ballaké et l’Orchestre Super Volta – “Johnny” 3:31
9. Coulibaly Tidiani – “Sie Koumgolo” 4:09
10. Mangue Konde et Le Super Mandé – “Kabendo” 7:44
11. Orchestre CVD – “Rog Mik Africa” 4:46
12. Amadou Ballaké et l’Orchestre Super Volta – “Sali” 4:04
13. Mamo Lagbema – “Zambo Zambo” 4:32
14. Traoré Seydou Richard et Les Vadou du Flamboyant – “Katougou” 4:19

15. Amadou Ballaké et l’Orchestre Super Volta – “Oye Ka Bara Kignan” 4:01

16. Sandwidi Pierre et l’Orchestre Harmonie Voltaïque – “Tond Yabramba” 5:22