Ty Segall – Singles 2007-2010 (Goner)

Singles: 2007-2010

San Franciscan garage-punk wunderkind Ty Segall has been the subject of increasing press adoration thanks to well-received albums Melted and Goodbye Bread. Luckily, Goner Records has put together this crash-course review of Segall’s growth, collecting 25 songs from out-of-print singles, compilation appearances, alternate versions of previously released songs and some previously unheard outtakes. The liner notes don’t say when the individual songs are from so you’ll just have to forget the history lesson and take ’em for what they are: a three-chord celebration of energy and urgency; punky and direct. If you like Jay Reatard, early White Stripes, Brimstone Howl or The Gories (whose “I Think I’ve Had It” Segall covers here) you’ll understand what Segall was going for in his wilder early days by keeping the musicianship rudimentary and employing the kind of lo-fi recording techniques that would give Sir George Martin a panic attack. There’s reverb everywhere, as well as static, distortion, and even an occasional mistake peppered throughout, but they only add to the basement ambience. In fact, listen to the more tempered Goodbye Bread after this, and you might find yourself longing for the wilder sound of these early songs. For me the best moments are the high-energy “Skin”, with an almost completely incongruous patched-in organ, and Segall’s thumping cover of Simply Saucer’s cult-classic “Bullet Proof Nothing”, showing the depth of his influences. Those may be the highlights, but for a 25-song record culled from various sessions, it’s surprising consistent and well sequenced, making the 54-minute runtime go by in no time at all.