The Monsters – “I’m A Stranger To Me” / “Carpool Lane” 7″ (Slovenly)

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Slovenly’s globe-spanning quest to find the most fried garage punk jams takes a quick stopover in Switzerland for this two-song 7″ from local loons, The Monsters. The a-side is an exciting fast-but-tight lightning bolt of punk rock nihilism that comes galloping hard out of the gate and never lets the intensity level drop until it draws to an end just shy of the three-minute mark. “Carpool Lane” is an altogether different beast. The opening 50 seconds of amp noise segue into a doom metal instrumental. Are The Monsters going to go all Sabbath on us? Nope. The song then cycles through garage, grunge, and heavy sections, at one point going completely off the rails into a cheesy (and wildly off-key) ’80s power-ballad style refrain of “Carpool Lane”, which are the song’s only lyrics. What does it mean? Probably nothing. Is it good? Maybe, maybe not. But you can’t accuse The Monsters of being boring.