The Circle Jerks – My Career As A Jerk (MVD Visual)


The Circle Jerks’s story gets the documentary treatment from director Dave Markey (best known for 1991: The Year Punk Broke). Archival footage, band interviews and testimonials all give the history of a band who released one of hardcore punk’s greatest albums (Group Sex), but never really knew what to do over the next thirty years. While the oldest footage shows The Circle Jerks at their jaw-dropping primal best, for me the most enjoyable part of the movie is those lean years in the late-’80s and early-’90s when the band put out awful albums while cycling through band members, musical styles, and personal issues. Perhaps there isn’t anything all that special in the Circle Jerks’ story to warrant the 96-minute runtime it’s been given, but the experiences of bands in the pre-Nirvana American Underground are entertaining enough that you can overlook the film’s weaker spots. Speaking of entertaining, Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris is at his nervous/intense self-reflective best in his interviews here. How he hasn’t been tapped for some kind of TV/film/radio work is a mystery to me. Even if it’s not perfect, if you love the old days of hardcore punk, My Career As A Jerk is a joy to watch.

Bonus features: Deleted scenes and interviews. Trailers.