The Morning After Girls – Prelude: EP’s 1&2 (Rainbow Quartz Records)

Critics have often used the term “derivative” when talking about Dig! co-stars The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, yet there’s been a recent groundswell of bands from across the world that could easily be seen as derivative of the two of them, like Australia’s The Morning After Girls. Their debut album collects their first two EPs, splitting time between Dandys’ drone-pop (“Run For Our Lives” and “Always Mine”), and BJM-esque junkie-folk (“Interlude” and “Lazy Greys”). This is not to suggest that any of these songs are anything less than great. Ride’s Mark Gardner even shows up to lend his voice to the ambient interlude “Fall Before Walking,” though you’d be hard-pressed to recognize it. Regardless of who they sound like, The Morning Girls have talent to spare, and tracks like “Hidden Spaces” (which features beautiful cascading harmonies that few bands these days would attempt), or the throat-shredding grunge of “Hi-Skies”, inhabit a sonic world all their own. Expect good things from them in the future.