The Factory – Path Through The Forest (Guerssen Records)

Fans of British Psych from the 1960s probably know The Factory from “Path Through The Forest”, which featured on the Nuggets II box-set. It didn‘t seem like anything special among four discs of brilliant freakbeat and psychedelia; but taken on its own it’s an impressive example of the edgy music that was pouring out of the British underground in the wake of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things…etc. The trio (and a rather young one at that, with two members still in their teens) only put out three singles – all of which were either covers or the work of outside writers – before calling it a day. Given the scarcity of material this retrospective runs pretty short, with just seven songs clocking in at a mere twenty-four minutes – and that even includes a second “alternate” version of “Path Through The Forest” with additional overdubbed effects. It’s not much of a dollars-to-minutes value, but what little music is there is surprisingly strong. The band particularly smokes on catchy covers of Paul Revere and The Raiders’ “Gone” and Fairport Convention’s “Mr. Lacey”, both done in a Yardbirds rave-up style (check out the wild guitar solo on the latter). They also add falsetto vocals to the psychedelic “Try A Little Sunshine”, a song written by one of their studio engineers. While I wouldn’t claim these guys were forgotten geniuses, if you’re the kind of person who has Pretty Things, Small Faces and Action records in their collection, then The Factory are worth your time.


1. Path Through The Forest

2. Gone

3. Mr. Lacey

4. Try A Little Sunshine

5. Red Chalk Hill

6. Second Generation Woman

7. Path Through The Forest (alt.)