Talking About The Good Times Volume 1 (Past and Present Records)

The theme of this new reissue series is rare and unknown European ’60s psych records. The people at Past and Present Records take the phrase “rare and  unknown” seriously, going so far as to include a few songs whose performers are unknown. You don’t expect many quality songs still left un-compiled at this point, but these seventeen tracks are consistently compelling. Skip Bifferty’s opening “Round & Round” is worth the price of admission alone – a psych-pop stunner that ranks alongside The Pretty Things or The Move. “There Is Music All Around Me” by a mysterious group called 1984 and the Hendrix-like “City Of Friends” by Danish group Young Flowers are strong too. On the flip-side, the CD’s compilers made a huge mistake by listing a song called “Creation” by a group called The Image as a song called “The Image” by mod-psych group The Creation. Mistakes happen, and Past and Present isn’t exactly the kind of label that has a team of editors checking their work, but I’d be pretty pissed if I bought this expecting a rare Creation song.