The Final Solution- Brotherman Soundtrack (Numero Group)

Ask any movie buff about the 1975 blaxploitation film Brotherman and you’ll get a shoulder shrug and a “never heard of it”. That’s because production was canceled before filming took place – but, strangely enough, not before a full soundtrack was recorded. The group responsible for the soundtrack was a young Chicago outfit called The Final Solution (hopefully not a reference to the Nazi plan for Jewish genocide – that would be unfunky), who watched helplessly as these ten songs (plus two orchestral numbers intended for the film) went unreleased for thirty years. While the album’s origins are intriguing, the music is anything but. Peel back the context and you’re left with a collection of average mid-’70s funk/soul that never reaches the level of the acts that inspired it (Curtis Mayfield, and the Philly Soul scene). Carl Wolfolk gets a few good guitar runs in, and the opening title song is solid, but beyond that the album gets bogged down by repetitive arrangements, murky production and sloppy falsetto vocals. This is definitely not the “unearthed treasure” you would hope for, given Numero Group’s reputation for discovering gold in the archives of soul, funk and r&b.


01 Brotherman
02 Never Coming Back Again
03 I Don’t Care
04 Girl In My Life
05 Gotta Get Through To You
06 One Day
07 I’m Ready For Love
08 To See You Again
09 We Can Work It Out
10 Where There’s A Will
11 Theme From Brotherman
12 No Place To Run