Traffic Sound – Virgin (Munster Records)

Barra De Chocolate

Traffic Sound were a Peruvian rock band active from 1967-1972. Their 1968 debut album, A Bailar Go Go consisted of covers of popular songs from acts like Cream, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix,…etc., and in 1969, they released their cover-free sophomore album, Virgin. It was also the first album where they incorporated Latin music into their psychedelia, largely influenced by the success of Santana. The wistful psych-folk title song gets Virgin off to a promising start, but after that the album is a bore. Sure, mixing psychedelia and Latin music sounds enticing, but Virgin’s songs aren’t very imaginative by either genre’s standards. It’s just garden variety Woodstock-era West Coast soft-psych dressed up with some mild Latin elements that place too much emphasis on long-winded instrumental passages and not enough on meaningful songwriting.


01 Virgin ( I can’t regret you my friend )

02 Tell the world I’m alive

03 Yellow sea days- March 7th- March 8th- March 9th

04 Jews caboose

05 A place in time called “you & me”

06 Simple

07 Meshkalina

08 Last song