J.C. Satan – Hell Death Samba (Slovenly Recordings)

I know very little about J.C. Satan, except they’re a five-piece with members from France and Italy. Their second album, Hell Death Samba, is one of the strangest I’ve heard in a while, and I mean that as a compliment. J.C. Satan doesn’t write songs as much as they write witchy incantations that could soundtrack a pagan ceremony where Sonics, Mudhoney and Dirtbombs CDs are burnt as offerings for the gods. I guess you could call their music psychedelic garage rock, but it’s more twisted and evil than just about anyone else in the genre. Their spooky vibe reminds me of sorely missed Oakland psych-wizards The Gris Gris, but with heavily-accented vocals that border on broken English. This only enhances their strange sound. They rip hardest on “Crystal Snake,” but when they peel away the shards of guitar-noise on “In The Light” and “Abandon,”, they can still freak you out with weird moods and obscure ideas. This is heavy stuff and totally recommended.
1 – Hell Death Samba (02:57)
2 – Dear Dark (02:17)
3 – Heil Mary (02:26)
4 – Misunderstood (02:59)
5 – Blasted (02:05)
6 – In The Light (04:06)
7 – Crystal Snake (03:11)
8 – Close To Me (02:47)
9 – Abandon (03:15)
10 – The Junkie Knight (02:44)
11 – Unhappy Girl (02:08)
12 – Rhythm Of Sex (03:14)