Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot – Lost Loves (El Records)

Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot collaborated on a handful of classic songs in the late-1960s which have since come to define the chic sound of French pop. Lost Loves pre-dates that fruitful period, collecting songs from 1960-1961, an early point in both careers. It’s a confusing compilation with no actual Gainsbourg/Bardot collaborations. You get a selection of solo songs from both artists, but there’s no real reason for these recordings to appear together other than in connection to the collaborations that came over half a decade later. Confused yet? Well, what if I told you that Lost Loves also includes three versions of Gainsbourg-penned songs recorded by other French artists? Or that nine of the tracks come from an instrumental album of songs from Brigitte Bardot films called Behind Brigitte Bardot (Cool Sounds From Her Hot Scenes), with no musical input from either artist? Good liner notes could have cleared up some of the confusion, but the notes actually create more questions than answers. I could excuse all this careless confusion if the music was great, but the songs are stiff and saccharine, ruined by bland orchestrations and schmaltzy arrangements. Bardot’s songs are particularly lightweight fluff. By all means, pick up a compilation of the best Gainsbourg/Bardot songs. You’ll love it. But, as for this one….skip it.


  • 1. Chanson De Prevert, La
  • 2. En Relisant Ta Lettre [While Re-Reading Your Letter]
  • 3. Rock de Nerval, Le
  • 4. Oubliettes [The Forgotten], Les
  • 5. Chanson de Maglia
  • 6. Viva Villa
  • 7. Amours Perdues [Lost Loves], Les
  • 8. Femmes C’est du Chinois [Women, It’s All Chinese to Me], Les
  • 9. Personne
  • 10. Sonnet d’Arvers, Le
  • 11. Chanson De Prevert, La
  • 12. En Relisant Ta Lettre
  • 13. Oubliettes, Les
  • 14. On the Sunny Side of the Street
  • 15. Noir et Blanc
  • 16. Stanislas
  • 17. Amis de La Musique, Les
  • 18. Bride Sur Le Cou, La
  • 19. Jeff’s Blues
  • 20. Mambo Bardot
  • 21. Tell Me Something Sweet
  • 22. Arsenic-Blues
  • 23. Paris B.B.
  • 24. Manina Theme
  • 25. A T’Aimer
  • 26. Etang, L’
  • 27. Ma Vie Est a Toi
  • 28. Night Heaven Fell, The