The In-Kraut Vol. 2 (Marina Records)

This compilation’s cover bears the slogan “Hip Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1967-1974”, and that’s pretty much what this is. What this collection of rare songs proves is that London wasn’t the only “swinging” place in the mid-to-late ’60s – Germany had plenty of mod, beat, soul, jazz, groove and campy Austin Powers-esque music to call its own (even if one of the songs here is called “Swinging London”). Many of the songs here are instrumental workouts in the Booker T. & The MG’s style, which is all for the better since the vocal tracks are campy with cheesy lyrics that are irritating. None of the groups included in this volume will mean much to Americans, with the exception of Inner Space who released one 7″ before changing their name to Can (their contribution, “Kamera Song”, features a female vocalist and doesn’t hint much at what they would become). Not a perfect listen, but fans of mod/hammond/soul-jazz/rare-groove will want to give it a spin at their next shindig.


  1. – This Is Soul – Nero, Paul
  2. Black Night – Strasser, Hugo
  3. Wildkatze – Bladin, Christer
  4. Swingle Beat – Seelos, Ambros
  5. Pealed Tomato – Haggard, Tommy Orchestra
  6. Swinging London – Osterwald, Hazy Jet Set
  7. Nofrete’s Headache – Antolini, Charly Power Dozen
  8. Soul March – Last, James
  9. Blauer Montag – Roos, Mary
  10. Get It On – Weiss, Klaus Orchestra
  11. Holiday Time – Knef, Hildegard
  12. Rock In – Dometown Gang
  13. Do It Yourself – Wilhelm, Rolf
  14. Run Away – Joy & The Hit Kids
  15. No No No – Reith, Dieter
  16. Gimmi Moro – Fendeira, Carlos
  17. Moon Mission – Rauntenberg, Kai & Orchester Jurgen Ehlers
  18. Kamera Song – Inner Space (2)
  19. Heisse Sand Auf Sylt – Roever, Uli
  20. Eine Kleine Hasenmusik – Casar, Hase

The In-Kraut Vol. 3 (Marina Records)

Marina Records latest excavation into the funky side of German music brings us another twenty tracks of tongue-in-cheek mod grooves and hip-shaking soul romps from 1967-1974. These songs may be campy, for the most part they’re actually quite good. Dig funky clavinets? Then check out “Hangman’s Rope” by Ambros Seelos. Psychedelic flutes? Go for “Beach Bunny” by Frank and the Top Ten. Want to hear funky covers of classic rock staples? Well there’s plenty to choose from. Dieter Zimmerman covers of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”, retaining the rock crunch of the original while adding in horns and strings. The cover of Sonny and Cher’s “The Beat Goes On” by Inga smokes the original, with vocals switching back and forth between German and English. Lastly, Katja Ebstein adds sitars and slows down the pace for a druggy take on “Hard Day’s Night”. Elsewhere, there some great fuzz-guitar on “Glory Be” by Daisy Clan, and if you’ve ever wanted to hear what happens when a bandleader loses his mind, look no further than the loopy “The World Is Gone” by The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra. Highly recommended.