The Majority – The Decca Years 1965-1968 (Rev-Ola Records)

The Majority’s UK origins, along with the 1965-1968 date range on this collection, makes you anticipate a band going through the same stylistic changes most of the UK rock scene were going through during that time. You expect to start off with guys in matching suits playing harmony-laden beat songs and end with long-haired hippies experimenting with psychedelic sounds. Well, you get the first half of that equation, as the Hull five-some specialized in saccharine beat-pop with an emphasis on harmonies, similar to The Hollies, The Beach Boys, and The Zombies. They’re probably best known for the zippy minor-key “One Third” which appears on the Nuggets II boxset, but the band are also known to Kinks freaks for “A Little Bit Of Sunlight” which was written by Ray Davies but never recorded by The Kinks. They also employed a young Jimmy Page (then a session musician) to nail the solo on their first single, “Pretty Little Girl.” While the band and their management were hanging out with the right people at the right time, problems arise as the songs move chronologically into the psychedelic era, yet they never embrace the spirit of experimentation. If you thought the songs from 1965 sounded lightweight in comparison to contemporary albums like Rubber Soul, Pet Sounds, and Aftermath, then by 1967 and 1968 they sound just completely ridiculous compared to that year’s landmark albums. No sitars, fuzz, tremolo…just sticky pop sweetness. Make no mistake about it – The Majority were a pop group who just wanted to have hit songs. Unfortunately for them that hit never came (likely because their songs weren’t good enough) and after several lineup shifts, they relocated to France in 1969 and carried on as Majority One until 1971.



1. Pretty Little Girl
2. I Dont Wanna Be Hurt No More
3. A Little Bit Of Sunlight
4. Shut Em Down In London Town
5. We Kiss In The Shadow
6. Ring The Bells
7. Simplified
8. One Third
9. To Make Me A Man
10. Tears Wont Help
11. Wait By The Fire
12. Running Away With My Baby
13. Let The Joybells Ring
14. All Our Christmases
15. People