The Vibrators – The Best Of (Anagram Records)

The Best of the Vibrators

This CD is a total waste of time and money. Yes, the Best Of The Vibrators has the British punk band’s best songs (“Sweet Sweet Heart” and “Baby Baby” are my favorites), but in vastly inferior versions re-recorded in the early-’90s. I don’t know what’s worse, re-recording old songs with slicker production, or not mentioning that these are re-recordings. The cover even features the original single sleeves! I feel sorry for anybody who bought this garbage thinking they were getting the original punk-era classics.


Automatic Lover

Whips and Furs

Baby Baby

Disco in Moscow

London Girls

Every Day I Die a Little

Judy Says (Knock You in the Head)

Amphetamine Blue

Sweet Sweet Heart

Rip up the City

Flying Home

Troops of Tomorrow

Claws in My Brain

MX America

U238 (Na Na Na)

No Getting over You

Tired of Living With You