Eccentric Breaks and Beats (Numbero)

Anyone following Numero’s Eccentric Soul series knows that the songs it compiles easily lend themselves to sampling. A mysterious production team known only as “Shoes” decided to make good on that potential and created this forty-minute mega-mix of Eccentric Soul samples. The only problem is they never got the label’s permission and issued the two side-long tracks as a bootleg on their own “Numbero” label. When the people at Numero got wind of it, their first reaction was to shut it down. As time went on, they grew rather fond of the album and decided to fire back and bootleg the bootleggers by putting the dubious mix out on their own – even keeping the “Numbero” label name for the release.

Although the songs from Eccentic Soul’s eleven volumes (and counting) come from various local strains of soul, funk and r&b, the DJ’s behind Eccentric Breaks and Beats cut them up into, well, eccentric breaks and beats, and couple them with vocal snippets and other sampled urban chatter, creating a mix that reminds me of the longer song-suites on DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing… Without lyrical narrative, the music doesn’t reach the same emotional heights as the records sampled, but it will make you nod your head to the loping funk grooves, which is why it was created in the first place. I guess the next logical step would be to get someone to rap over these beats.