Pisces – A Lovely Sight (Numero Group)

Although this Rockford, Illinois trio’s sole LP went unreleased for the past forty years, I can still hear parts of Pisces’ sound echoed throughout many cutting-edge bands that have come since. Singer Linda Bruner completely steals the show on the few songs she sings, adding a Nico-like quality on “Say Goodbye To John,” predicting the chilling innocence of Young Marble Giants singer Alison Stratton on the awesome opener “Dear One,” and getting all West Coast psych on “Sam” (with music that sounds like Stereolab remixing Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man”). The band sounds great too, alternating between the usual psychedelic studio tricks of the day (phasing, tremolo, fuzz…etc) and a minimalist folk-rock drone that would later be used by Spacemen 3, Mazzy Star, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the like. I’m not sure if their futuristic sound is a result of the band’s forward-thinking mentality or just a pleasant bi-product of their ineptness (I suspect the latter), but A Lovely Sight has stood the test of time better than most of the psych albums released in 1969, and I’m glad that Numero Group had the good sense to finally get it out to the public.


1. Dear One
2. Children Kiss Your Mother Goodnight
3. Motley Mary Ann
4. Say Goodbye To John
5. Mary
6. Genesis Ii
7. Sam
8. The Music Box
9. Like A Hole In The Wall Where The Rat Lives
10. Are You Changing In Your Time
11. In The Dreams Of Paula
12. Elephant Eyes
13. Circle Of Time
14. A Flower For All Seasons
15. In The Summer The Grape Grows