The Schizophonics – Ooga Booga (Pig Baby Records)

This EP reminds me of early-2000s high-energy rock bands like The Mooney Suzuki, The Hives, The Dirtbombs…etc. Like those bands, The Schizophonics mix the sound and style of Detroit proto-punk with snappy three-minute mid-’60s garage rock singles, while also laying down some James Brown-style grooves in the midst of all that rock energy. The songwriting is really primitive, but it would probably be silly to expect to find the next “God Only Knows” on an album called “Ooga Booga”. It’s pretty low-brow stuff, but who cares? This is music to recklessly flail your body around to, and for a brief fifteen minutes this trio plays it just right. All five songs are great fun, but I like closer “Venus Transit” the best. It’s pretty much just Love’s “7 and 7 Is” exploded into a big energy freak-out a la The MC5’s “Skunk (Sonically Speaking)”, but its combination of guitar fuzz and pounding beats are legitimately thrilling.
First thousand copies of this 10″ are pressed on orange vinyl, so act fast.