Twerps – Twerps (Chapter Music)

The debut album from the Melbourne-based foursome Twerps (no “The”) is exactly what you want from a new band in 2011. Its eleven songs don’t beat you over the head with experimentation or attitude. Instead, they reaffirm the basics of good old-fashioned indie-rock music. It’s two guitars, bass and drums. It’s melodies and sounds. It’s verses and choruses. The band have their influences – mostly ’80s acts with treble-heavy guitars like The Clean, The Feelies, The Smiths, and Yo La Tengo – but they also have their own sense of melancholy that prevails throughout. It’s subtle stuff for sure – in fact, it might take a few listens for you to appreciate the song-craft underneath the seemingly ramshackle veneer (at least it did for me) – but once do its rewards are plentiful. If you’re looking for a single track to sample as a starting point, I’d recommend “Who Are You”, which is a pretty strong representation of the Twerps’ sound. The chorus of “We’ll get drunk/we’ll get stoned/we’ll get high/we’ll get drunk” reads like some big party anthem, but it’s sung with remorse and feels kind of sad. Think “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what they’re going for. Minor complaint: the record company’s website is spelled wrong on the back cover; an amateur move.


1. Dreamin

2. Don’t Be Surprised

3. This Guy

4. Who Are You

5. Peculiar

6. Jam Song

7. Anything New

8. Bring Me Down

9. Grow Old

10. Through The Day

11. Coast To Coast