Try Me Out: Ballroom Beat Vol. 2 (Psychic Circle Records)

This disc’s subtitle says it all: 20 Previously Uncomped Slices Of Prime British Beat 1964-1966. Try Me Out contains twenty examples of local bands getting in on the British Beat craze kicked off by the pre-psychedelic success of The Beatles, The Kinks, The Hollies, and others. The songs are simple, the lyrics are dumb, but there’s plenty of period charm and energetic playing to enjoy. The quality control of this series may be dipping a bit, but a few songs still shine though – especially “Too Late Now,” a tough number by The Echo Sounds from Glasgow. King Crimson completists might find this comp interesting for the inclusion of two pre-Crimson bands: The League of Gentlemen (featuring Robert Fripp and Gordon Haskell) and Trendsetters LTD (featuring Mike Giles). King Crimson fans don’t have all the fun though – fans of poorly named bands will enjoy Bobby Shafto, Bern Elliott & The Klan, and Dean Ford & The Gaylords.


1.BERN ELLIOTT & THE KLAN: Good Times (Worth) Decca F11970. 1964

2.THE ECHO SOUNDS: Too Late Now (Puma, Tannock, Missen) German Popular POP 3018. 1965

3.THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY: Rejected (Stokes, Bower) Columbia DB 7948. 1966

4.THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN: How Do They Know (Kent, Cleave) Planet PLF 109. 1966

5.THE RUSTIKS: Can’t You See (Gummer, Tucker) Decca F12059. 1965

6.MARSHALL SCOTT, ETC.: How It Ought To Be (Scott, Holden, Reid, Armstrong) HMV POP 1536. 1966

7.BOBBY SHAFTO: Love Love Love (Stephens) Parlophone R 5167. 1964

8.DEAN FORD & THE GAYLORDS: Mr. Heartbreak’s Here Instead (Gallacher, Galt) Columbia DB 7402. 1964

9.THE EPICS: My Little Girl Pye 7N 15829. 1965

10.THE PEEPS: Got Plenty Of Love (Jones) Philips BF 1421. 1965

11.CHRIS SANDFORD & THE CORONETS: Don’t Leave Me Now (Jones, Malone) Decca F11842. 1964

12.THE GOBBLEDEGOOKS: Now & Again (Stephens) Decca F12023. 1964

13.THE ADDICTS: That’s My Girl (Keeley) Decca F11902. 1964

14.SAMMY KING& THE VOLTAIRS: We’re Through (Robb, King, Taylor) HMV POP 1330. 1964

15.TRENDSETTERS LTD: Move On Over (Robinson) Parlophone R 5161. 1964

16.GIDIAN: Try Me Out (Dalley) Columbia DB 7826. 1966

17.RICKY FORD & THE TENNESSEANS: Long Way From Love (Kiely, Hurst) Parlophone. R 5230. 1965

18.DON CHARLES: She’s Mine (Charles, Caddy) HMV POP 1332. 1964

19.THE SHOWTIMERS: Don’t Say Goodbye (Gray) Showtime EP 1. 1964

20.THE PATHFINDERS: I Love You Caroline (May, Early) Decca F12038. 1964