The Anemic Boyfriends – Fake I.D./Bad Girls In Love (Hozac)

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This single has everything you want from a trio of teenage girls playing punky hard rock in the rock-challenged city of Anchorage, Alaska in the early-1980s. With nowhere to go, and nothing to do, the girls vent all that pent up boredom and frustration on “Fake I.D.” And why does wonderfully named lead singer Louise Disease want a fake I.D.? To “go cruising to a rock and roll bar” where she can “get drunk and dance” of course! Simply charming. The B-side “Bad Girls in Love” is another inspired display of bad attitude, served with a side-dish of underage sexuality. It’s great Runaways/NY Dolls-styled high energy rock, but I have to wonder why Hozac didn’t include the band’s other two songs, “Guys Are Not Proud” and “Love Attack”, which are both great, but have more of a reggae/no-wave feel to them.