Yuck – Yuck: Deluxe Edition (Fat Possum)

It’s been a slow couple of years for exciting new alternative rock bands, which makes it easier to like a band like Yuck. After all, when you’re starving, a decent piece of food tastes like foie gras. It’s not that Yuck are bad. The young Londoners’ debut has some good songs like “The Wall”, “Georgia” and “Holing Out”. The problem is that they’re so entirely influenced by 1988-91 alt-rock staples Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, The Pixies and My Bloody Valentine that we don’t learn anything about Yuck beyond the quality of their record collection. The album’s opening track, “Get Away”, is a perfect example of everything good and bad about them: Each of its 215 seconds is enjoyable, but I enjoyed the song more when The Pixies called it “Wave Of Mutilation”. I’d overlook these stolen pieces if Yuck’s songs were as good as their influences, or if they embraced experimentalism, but, despite some promise, they aren’t there yet.

The deluxe edition comes with a bonus-disc of six B-sides. While the bonus songs are as good as anything on the album, releasing a deluxe edition of a moderately successful indie album the same year it came out is a crass ploy to squeeze a few more dollars out of fans. Why not just release the b-sides disc as a separate EP?


  1. Get Away
  2. The Wall
  3. Shook Down
  4. Holing Out
  5. Suicide Policeman
  6. Georgia
  7. Suck
  8. Stutter
  9. Operation
  10. Sunday
  11. Rose Gives A Lilly
  12. Rubber

Bonus Disc:

  1. The Base Of A Dream Is Empty
  2. Milkshake
  3. Coconut Bible
  4. Cousin Corona
  5. Doctors In My Bed
  6. Soothe Me