The Creation – Psychedelic Rose: The Great Lost Creation Album (Cherry Red Records)

Psychedelic Rose may be a lost Creation album, but I would call it The Terrible Lost Creation Album. The band were phenomenal in their original mod-psychedelic 1966-1968 incarnation, but an album recorded in the mid-‘80s and subsequently shelved after the pre-album singles tanked? No thanks. Right from the start Psychedelic Rose is ruined by stereotypically awful 1980s production, though the songs are so bad no producer could have made them anything but awful. To add insult to injury, they re-recorded the classic “Makin’ Time” and it’s painful to hear such a great song be so mistreated. The thankfully short nine-song album is supplemented by a 22-minute reading from a book about The Creation, which is obviously there just to fill time. Avoid at all costs.


1. Lay The Ghost (4:00)

2. Psychedelic Rose (4:37)

3. Radio Beautiful (4:30)

4. United (4:11)

5. Doing It My Way (3:31)

6. Making Time (2:55)

7. Far From Paradise (5:00)

8. White Knight (3:39)

9. Spirit Called Love (4:25)

10. Spoken Word Extract from the book ‘Our Music Is Red – With Purple Flashes: the Story of Creation by Sean Egan (21:48)