Midnight To Six is written by music nerds, for music nerds. Reviews, opinion pieces, top ten lists….etc. Hopefully you’ll find that it’s a place worth visiting.

Some of the music we love: Radiohead, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Wu Tang Clan, Minor Threat, The Ramones, Nuggets, David Bowie, Can, Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bo Diddley, Black Sabbath, Gang Of Four, Serge Gainsbourg, Oh Sees, Portishead, Bad Brains, James Brown, You Am I, Nirvana, A Tribe Called Quest, The Saints, Sigur Ros, Wire, Clinic, Super Furry Animals, The Gun Club, Robyn Hitchcock, The Replacements, Neu!, Nirvana, Link Wray, Mudhoney, T. Rex,  Nick Drake, The Go, Bjork, Mark Lanegan, Spiritualized, The Black Angels, Joy Division, The Cramps, Kraftwerk, The Telescopes, The Fall, The Pixies, Ty Segall, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Black Flag, Simply Saucer, The Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett, The MC5, The Rolling Stones, Sonic Youth, The New York Dolls, The Who, The Jim Jones Revue, Wand, The Kinks, The Beatles, Eddie Cochran, Dischord, Stax, Blood and Fire, Trojan, Bomp, Creation….you get the point.

If you like or hate what you read, leave a comment and let me know.

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If you want to send music for review consideration (LP preferred, CD is fine, digital is fine too if it’s FLAC or WAV), you can reach me at midnight2sixblog@gmail.com for more info.

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