Kaleidoscope – Further Reflections: The Complete Recordings 1967-1969 (Grapefruit Recordings)

Further Reflections: Complete Recordings 1967-1969

Kaleidoscope’s two albums have been reissued before, but Further Reflections marks the first time they’ve been bundled together into one convenient package. Their debut album, Tangerine Dream, is a product of the 1967 UK psych-boom, although you could have easily guessed as much from the four kaftan-wearing men on its front cover and quant song titles like “Mr. Small, The Watch Repairer Man,” “Dear Nellie Goodrich,” and “(Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion.” As you might expect, the album is filled with every 1967 UK psychedelic-pop period trapping there is, most of which are horribly dated. Its two best songs, “A Dream For Julie” and “Flight From Ashiya,” can both be heard on the Nuggets II box-set, and are the best distillation of their whimsical British psychedelia. “Flight From Ashiya,” in particular, is the most accurate recreation of Pink Floyd circa-Piper At The Gates Of Dawn I’ve heard. Beyond those two winning moments there’s isn’t much else to get excited about. They successfully combine Byrds harmonies and psych-experimentation on “Dive Into Yesterday,” but the rest is fey fairytale-psych treacle and hard to take seriously.

Kaleidoscope returned to action two years later with Faintly Blowing, dropping the soft-psych that went out of fashion as soon as 1967 ended, but still struggling to find their own voice. The opening title track is great pop fun, and “Music” closes the album with a Who/Hendrix heavy-rock blowout, but the songs between them are rigid and pretentious. I don’t know why singer Peter Daltrey was so interested in childlike lyrics, but a grown man singing about magic zoos, magic rings of Eltera, and the like, is silly. Soon after Faintly Blowing the band renamed themselves Fairfield Parlour and went prog-rock.

The band’s non-album singles are included as bonus tracks.


Disc 1

01 Kaleidoscope

02 Please Excuse My Face

03 Dive Into Yesterday

04 Mr Small, The Watch Repairer Man

05 Flight From Ashiya

06 The Murder Of Lewis Tollani

07 (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion

08 Dear Nellie Goodrich

09 Holiday Maker

10 A Lesson Perhaps

11 The Sky Children

12 Flight From Ashiya (Single Mix)

13 Holiday Maker (Single Mix)

14 A Dream For Julie

15 Please Excuse My Face (Single Mix)

16 Jenny Artichoke

17 Just How Much You Are

Disc 2

01 Faintly Blowing

02 Poem

03 Snapdragon

04 Story From Tom Bitz

05 (Love Song) For Annie

06 If You So Wish

07 Opinion

08 Bless The Executioner

09 Black Fjord

10 The Feathered Tiger

11 I’ll Kiss You Once

12 Music

13 Do It Again For Jeffrey

14 Poem (Single Mix)

15 Balloon

16 If You So Wish (Single Mix)