Ghostface Killah – The Big Doe Rehab (Def Jam Records)

The Big Doe Rehab was so highly anticipated that it forced The Wu-Tang Clan to delay their new album, originally scheduled to come out on the same day. No small feat, but then again neither were Ghostface’s last two albums, Fishscale and More Fish, two of the finer examples of hip-hop so far in this millennium. The Big Doe Rehab continues down the same path, mixing choice ’70s funk and soul samples with Ghost (aka Tony Starks) spinning paranoid tales of coke dealing and ghetto life. The main difference on The Big Doe Rehab is that he works with Puffy-affiliated production team The Hitmen. Don’t worry, none of these songs sound like Puffy tracks, but they also can’t compete with the hyper-creative backing tracks MF Doom, Pete Rock, J Dilla and Just Blaze put together for Fishscale; and they make the album feel like a step backwards. Even if he doesn’t reach the lofty heights he’s capable of, Ghost still provides ample highlights like “Yolanda’s House”, where he teams up with fellow Clan members Raekwon (who appears on four tracks) and Method Man, for a classic piece of rap storytelling, “Rec-Room Therapy”, or “Supa GFK” where he raps over  Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Superman Lover” – no, not a sample…he actually raps straight over the song, without removing the original vocal track! While not as good as Fishscale or More Fish, The Big Doe Rehab is proof that, even on an off-day, Ghostface is still miles ahead of most other rappers.


  • At the Cabana [Skit]
  • Toney Sigel aka The Barrel Brothers (feat. Beanie Sigel & Styles P)
  • Yolanda’s House (feat. Raekwon & Method Man)
  • We Celebrate (feat. Kid Capri)
  • Walk Around
  • Yapp City (ft. Trife & Sun God)
  • White Linen Affair (Toney Awards) (ft. Shawn Wigs)
  • Supa GFK
  • Rec-Room Therapy (ft. Raekwon & U-God)
  • The Prayer
  • I’ll Die for You
  • Paisley Darts (feat. Raekwon, Sun God, Trife, Method Man & Cappadonna)
  • Shakey Dog Starring Lolita (feat. Raekwon)
  • ! (feat. Rhythm Roots Allstars)
  • Killa Lipstick (feat. Method Man & Masta Killa)
  • Slow Down (feat. Chrisette Michele)