You Am I – You Am I (Other Tongues)

You Am I

Self-titled albums usually happen early in a band’s career, signifying an album that’s definitive of the band’s sound. Well, Australian rock’n’roll institution You Am I turn that concept completely on its head, releasing a self-titled album over two decades after forming, and slapping it on a record that’s probably the least indicative of what the band’s about. It’s also probably their weakest album since their debut, Sounds As Ever. I hate to point a finger at a specific person, but why the hell did producer Greg Wale smooth ut the band’s sound ? You Am I’s strengths come from their ragged edges and “perfect imperfections”, just like their biggest influences, Big Star and The Replacements; yet Wales produces like he’s working with Coldplay. His heavy hand is everywhere you look, bathing Tim Rogers’ brilliant voice in unnecessary reverb, and adding other post-production distractions as if he was getting paid per sound. It’s too bad, because, from a songwriting standpoint, the band are at the top of their game, and Tim Rogers is never anything less than fascinating (especially on “Shuck”). If only they could’ve been committed to tape by a producer who could stay the hell out of the band’s way and let the songs speak for themselves. If you don’t already know You Am I, buy their brilliant #4 Record or Hi-Fi Way, and all their others. Just save this semi-flop for last.


1. We Hardly Knew You
2. Kicking The Balustrade
3. Lie And Face The Sun
4. The Good Ones
5. Shuck
6. Crime
7. The Ocean
8. Pinpricks
9. Waiting To Be Found Out
10. Trigger Finger
11. Let’s Not Get Famous
12. Right This Time (Bonus Track w/ Deluxe Edition)