Bold Beginnings: An Incomplete Collection Of Louisville Punk 1978-1983 (Noise Pollution Records)

Bold Beginnings collects twenty-nine songs from the largely undocumented Louisville punk scene of the late-’70s/early-’80s. What kind of person would be daring enough to start a punk band in a conservative Southern city like Louisville? Well, according to a great quote in the liner notes “The rock music scene in Louisville is like the nudist colony scene in Siberia. It’s inhabited only by fanatics.” Those “fanatics” formed go-nowhere groups like The Endtables, Blinders, and Strict-9, who left behind a handful of crude long-forgotten recordings played with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. I’m sure The Ramones and Black Flag weren’t staying up at night worrying how they were going to compete with Your Food or The Dickbrains, but there’s small joys to be found here, like The Endtables’ “White Glove Test,” or the three numbers by Dead Kennedys/Heartbreakers-influenced Babylon Dance Band. If nothing else, people now have a second chance to discover these punk rock footnotes.