Lost Sounds – The Lost Lost (Goner Records)

Lost Lost Demos, Sounds, Alternate Takes & Unused Songs

Although Jay Reatard was best known for his fiery solo records from the last years before his untimely death a few months shy of his 30th birthday, he also recorded a tremendous wealth of material as a member of The Reatards, Angry Angles, Terror Visions, Destruction Units, Nervous Patterns, Final Solutions, Bad Times and Lost Sounds. The Lost Lost is a collection of previously unreleased Lost Sounds material from 1999-2004, consisting of 23 demos, alternate takes, out-takes and other brief snippets of sound. Reatard’s vocals are as violent as misanthropic as expected, but the band were surprisingly melodic, splitting time between reverential Nuggets-inspired garage rock (“I Cannot Lie” and “No Count”) and post-apocalyptic new-wave visions (“Die Alone (Promise Me)” and “No Genetic Engineer”). To these ears, The Lost Lost betrays a band that hadn’t fully found its voice (in the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t heard any other Lost Sounds albums) but there’s obviously some talent blossoming beneath the surface, and Jay Reatard is just one of them. Vocalist and synth player Alicja Trout is no slouch either, sounding great on “Glued To The Screen” and “Total Destruction”, both of which fit in nicely with the Strokes/Stripes-led new-millennium garage-rock craze they were released in the midst of. Whether you’re already familiar with The Lost Sound or just a curious Jay Reatard fan wanting to hear what he was up to in his early years, The Lost Lost is a wonderful blast of carefree rock filled with youth, fun and great tunes.


01 A Foreign Play
02 Blackcoats Whitefear
03 I Cannot Lie
04 Frankenstein Twist
05 No Count
06 Throw Away
07 sound
08 Die Alone (Promise Me)
09 NoOne Killer
10 Wanna Be Used
11 sound
12 No Genetic Engineer
13 I Didn’t Mean to Lose You
14 sound
15 Fighting the Flesh
16 sound
17 Read a Requiem Mass 4 Me
18 sound
19 Glued to the Screen
20 I Get Nervous pt 1
21 Total Destruction
22 Look at Me
23 I Get Nervous pt 2